Project Description

Project Description

Youth Rise Up cameroon second edition 2015

Context and Justification

Trinity Foundation in addressing the problem of capacity deficit runs a comprehensive program “Youth Rise UP”. From its conception, this program seeks to address the problem of youths today, following the trend of activities and the way things are unfolding. The 12th of August 2015 was one of those important days in the life of the organisation. The strategy that was worked out in 2013 in developing the 1st edition in 2014 gradually developed the 2nd edition in 2015. The rational for this program is to reach out to as many youths as possible, touch their lives and impact the spirit of positivism in all they do. In order to effectively run this day a series of sensitive topics were chosen such as Governance and social auditing, the key to positive nation building, strategies on social stability and prosperity among many others. The facilitators gave lectures and organised focus group discussion and did a question and and answer .this day was a great day in the life of the participants. About 100 youth leaders were trained and the left satisfied promising to use the skills to train others.


  1. To educate youths in Mfoundi on how peaceful environments can enhance positive growth and development.
  2. To educate youths on how volunteerism and civic engagement can enhance positive growth.
  3. To acquaint youths with the recent business strategies.


Execution Period

The second edition of youth rise up was organised on 12th august 2015 the international day of the youths.


The seminar was attended by 100 youths took part in the, among who were students, graduates and school drop-outs and youth leaders resident in Yaoundé.


  • TudiNdi Nathalie (Communication Officer at Trinity Foundation)
  • MrAteki Seta Caxtron(CEO NEWSETA)
  • Mr Franck Ekombo(National coordinator Trinity Fondation)
  • MrTapuka Gerald

Project Details