Project Description

Project Description

Re-visiting the concerpt of women empowerment

Context and Justification

In line with the objectives of trinity foundation and work with the millennium development goals trinity foundation Cameroon organized a round table discussion with 10 female youth leaders to con the 8th of March 2015 to commemorate the international day of the woman. The theme of the day dubbed empowering women empowering humanity centered on the key discussion of this day. The young leaders were drilled on leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills and on how to manage conflict especially in the home. The day also centered rectifying the concept of women empowerment and to encourage action towards empowerment. The young women leaders who participated in the discussions left the foundation with a great deal of knowledge in which redefining the concepts of women empowerment dominated.


The objective of this roundtable discussion to empower women and to redefine the concept of women empowerment wish of recent has been bringing a lot of debates in homes

Execution period

Face with this problem trinity foundation Cameroon on the 8th of March the international women’s day organized a round table discussion on the theme redefying the concept of women empowerment.


It was attended by 20 women youth leaders drawn from all over  Mfondi Division.


The facilitators were staff members and experts of Trinity Foundation

Execution of activities

It involved discussions and exchanges

Conclusion and Perspective

The round table discussion organized in the foundation’s head office was resourceful to the participants and Trinity Foundation looks forward to multiply such discussions during the upcoming editions of the international women’s day.

Project Details