Project Description

Up for school campaign in ECCAST  Nkolbision

Context and Justification

On the 25th of May trinity foundation Cameroon participated in the graduation ceremony of the secondary school students of  ECCAST Nkolbison .The foundation gave lectures to the students on the dangers of what is awaiting them as the move out of the secondary school. They were equally given lectures on the choices they can probably make as concerns professional schools and universities in Cameroon. Secondly the up for school campaign was presented by the executive director of trinity foundation Mr. Kenfack Alex.He explained that this initiative came up to remind world leaders and Governments to keep their promise made at the United Nations in 2000, to ensure that all out-of-school children gain their right to education before the end of 2015.He pleaded on the parents and the graduates to help spread the message where ever they might be especially when they come across any educational stakeholders.



The objective of this presentation was to explain to parents and students te mission of A world at school and to get as many signatures as possible to send to the united Nations.

Execution Period and Place

This activity was carried out on 25 May, 2015 at the Eden College of Commerce, Arts and Technology (ECCAST), in Nkolbisson, Yaoundé


The presentation was attended by 250 college students and about 40 parents and guardians.

Execution of Activities

The CEO of trinity did the presentations and the students were given messages to snap with while their parents were signing the forms.

General Outcome

These presentations were welcomed with an atmosphere of enthusiasm and the participants left the ceremony with the zeal to spread the message.

Conclusion and Perspective

The presentations went on well and trinity is looking forward to hear from the UN after creating the great impact in spreading the message.

Project Details