Trinity Foundation Cameroon (TFC) is a non-governmental and Non- profit making organization serving a global network of diverse areas of interest as Youth development, Education & Training, Women& Girls, Arts & Culture and WASH for the benefit of Cameroon and Africa.

Activities marking the implementation of the TFC started in 2010 with KENFACK Foleng Alex a young Cameroonian who believes “helping others should be our priority” and later on in 2012 he brought with him other young Cameroonians that had identified the pressing need of embarking on some vital community development projects which can spur the growth of the country. This eventually led to various humanitarian actions in villages, schools, hospitals, orphanages and organizing workshops to sensitize people on the need of promoting community development especially in the domain of Education . However, the TFC was officially acknowledged by the Cameroon Government in 2012 under registration number, 00001997/RDA/JO6/BAPP. Today, TFC is at the forefront of community development advocacy, and is placed and structured to build success stories according to its action plan.

 Our vision

We believe in a society where all children have access to education without gender discrimination, people are living a dignified life and are actively participating in the development of their communities. We yearn for a comprehensive vision of community that includes a quality environment, healthy neighborhood economies, active volunteer associations and the Promotion of sustainable development for global empowerment.

Our mission

Trinity Foundation has as mission to bring young people together especially the under privileged in a common forum where they can work for their common good, and to Empower young people by helping them discover their talents and to positively affect the society in which they live through Education & Training, and Arts & Culture.