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Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul.

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Trinity Foundation Cameroon  (TFC)  is a non-governmental and

Non- profit making organization in Yaounde-Cameroon,Africa

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I live and reside in Cameroon, an African country where educational facilities and opportunities are not fully accessible to everyone.

Helping Hand Cameroon

This group of people fall in the weaker segment of our society but what is planted in them is very vital.

What we do at Trinity Foundation cameroon

Education and Training,

Women and Girls

Community development

  • Promote Education and Training as a key method of addressing illiteracy, joblessness amongst the youths
  • Promote Gender equality by empowering the woman and girl child through education for every girl, recreational seminars and workshop.
  • Organize seminars and workshops to train youths, Grass-root associations to enhance and ensure the development of Cameroonian Communities.
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We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.

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